Borrego Valley Stewardship Council Community Forum - Shared screen with speaker view
Lyle Brecht
are “adult medical providers” MDs or some other qualifications?
Emily Finnegan (she/her), Local Government Commission
Great question, Lyle. I’ve added it to our list.
Lyle Brecht
how best to input any community concerns?
Lyle Brecht
how do you determine Borrego_specific policy vs policy that that is more system wide policy?
Lyle Brecht
are you open to a Borrego-community advisory to your Board to better align policy to meet Borrego-specific needs?
Emily Finnegan (she/her), Local Government Commission
Dan, can you hear us?
Daniel Wright
I can hear everyone and I am unmuted
Emily Finnegan (she/her), Local Government Commission
Dan, you can call in here: +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
Emily Finnegan (she/her), Local Government Commission
Meeting ID: 967 9191 4304
Sherrilynn Polanco
BSUSD is extremely appreciative of the Endowment’s support in terms of sponsoring excellent vision care for our students through UCSD (and other support).
Bruce Kelley
Many members of BVSC belong to Revitalization subcommittees as individuals. But has BVSC thought about playing a formal role in the Revitalization initiative?
Emily Finnegan (she/her), Local Government Commission
Thanks, Bruce! I’ve added your question to our list
Emily Finnegan (she/her), Local Government Commission
As a reminder, please continue to add your questions and comments to that chat here or use the “raise hand” function to speak.
Bruce Kelley
The County reports that 2,297 residents of zip code 92004 have been vaccinated. These appear to be almost all attributable to the mass vaccination events by CALFIRE. Cyndi thinks the vaccinations at the Borrego Medical Clinic are not included in the county reporting of vaccination at its sponsored sites. Is that your understanding? If so, Borrego Springs would have vaccinated close to 3,400 of our residents, whjich would be about 83% of our residents!
Rebecca Falk
Dan, Where can donations to the Children's Center be made at this point>
Kathy Dice
For Dan: Will there be a gap between the end of the BCHF childcare center/frugal coyote support and the support of the community entities? Also - what can we do to help move this forward?
Elaine Tulving
when will under age 12 be vaccinated?
Daniel Wright
Donations to the Children's center can be sent to The BS Youth and Seniors Center, Inc PO Box 1362 in Borrego, with an earmark "Childrens Center"
Does the Clinic staff and leadership have a list or "wish list" of what they would like to see in terms of service, facility, staffing, or otherwise for the Borrego Clinic going forward?
Diane Johnson
For Dan: would you encourage monthly donations? Do you have a figure for how much it takes to run the Children’s Center monthly?
Daniel Wright
Monthly donations would be greatly appreciate it. We do have a preliminary budget.
Sherrilynn Polanco
To add to what Dr. Bulloch said, schooldistricts are being told to expect the possible approval of vaccines for ages 2-11 in late summer or early fall. Of course just as Dr. B says that all depends on the research results.
Daniel Wright
Judy Stewart
Just a suggestion: When we have a handle on the gap needed to make the children's center sustainable, let's have a giant thermometer in a prominent place in town showing the goal and what has been collected
Laura Brecht
With the Assisted living cottages being closed, what are the thoughts or plans for providing care for those who need skilled assistance?
Sandy Hansberger
In order to keep the CC running without a month’s gap, my understanding that Borrego Health will be checking with licensing authorities to see if we can carry the license for the month of July if enough money is raised from the community.
Daniel Wright
My internet connection has become unstable so I have turned off the video but I am listening.
Emily Finnegan (she/her), Local Government Commission
Thank you for letting us know, Dan.
Sherrilynn Polanco
Thank you so much, everyone!
Emily Finnegan (she/her), Local Government Commission
The above Word document link is the Sponsor Group agenda for tomorrow’s meeting, but I will also forward the meeting invite to this group!
Diane Johnson
Thank you and your team Mariam!!